Anne McDaniel-Thomas, Real Estate Salesperson in Atlanta, ERA Foster & Bond

Anne McDaniel-Thomas

Real Estate Salesperson

427278 GA


ERA Foster & Bond

ERA Foster & Bond
1799 Briarcliff Road Suite Q2

Atlanta, GA 30306

I am Anne McDaniel-Thomas, a proud member the ERA Foster & Bond team of highly seasoned real estate professionals dedicated to their field. ERA foster & Bond has set a standard of exceptional, professional and personalized service for all their clients.

Prior to beginning my career in real estate, I spent over two decades helping individuals, families and couples make difficult life changes. This experience has afforded me the opportunity to develop skills that allow me to listen intently to the needs of a person and develop effective plans that aid in the successful implementation of strategies and resolution for life changes. My career as a Forensic Psychotherapist has afforded me the opportunity to learn the importance of listening skills, attention to detail, and genuine care and concern.

Because of my experience, I have learned that a “one size fits all” concept is not always an effective solution to problem solving.  This is why I am committed to offering tailored services that will make your home selling/buying process as enjoyable and stress free as possible.  I am also committed to transparency, integrity and excellence. My goal is to facilitate and help you through a complex and deeply personal transition and build a lasting real estate relationship you can trust.

When I am not assisting my clients, I enjoy reading, traveling, spending time with my family, photography and day trading. My more daring hobbies include motorcycling and jet skiing.