Emmanuel Chukwu,  in Atlanta, ERA Foster & Bond

Emmanuel Chukwu


ERA Foster & Bond

ERA Foster & Bond
1799 Briarcliff Road Suite Q2

Atlanta, GA 30306

Growing up in Nigeria, I was surrounded by nature.  Now grown and with a family of my own, I was eager to move my family into a home that would provide a similar experience to the places where I grew up.  Every day, I feel satisfied that I achieved my real estate goal - buying the right home in a great community… especially when I watch my little twin girls go outside with their older sister to chase each other up and down as they have fun in our backyard.

In my previous accounting career, I dealt with a lot of numbers; but it did not give me the feeling that I really was helping people!  After reading a few books on real estate combined with the experience of buying our first home in South Georgia city of McDonough, I decided to get the education necessary to become a real estate professional.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful I made the leap from crunching numbers to serving people with their real estate needs.  

I have a strong passion to help others experience the pride of homeownership.  My goal when navigating a client through a real estate transaction is to ensure they get the best counsel, guidance, and advice possible so they can make the best decision possible for themselves and their family – including my unique ability to help them understand the numbers… remember, I was an accountant.

When I am not busy with clients, I love spending quality time with my family, maybe watching a good movie or just playing in the backyard and enjoying each day as a gift.  I am involved in caring for my community through my church family and supporting “Ashes to Life” – a nonprofit organization dedicated to reaching the homeless and women who have suffered abuse.