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John McGuinness


ERA Foster & Bond

ERA Foster & Bond
1799 Briarcliff Road Suite Q2

Atlanta, GA 30306

I've lived in Atlanta for over 25 years enjoying not only the urban social, cultural, and entertainment vitality of this city, but also the unique natural beauty and diverse communities throughout North Georgia. I also love gardening, cooking, husbandry (especially chickens), crossword puzzles, drawing, working on buildings, hiking, travel, family reunions, and unexpected visits from friends. I am a member of the American Boxwood Society, active representative in the Scottdale Overlay District, and active in my neighborhood and community organizations with regard to zoning or planning proposals.

Originally from the Midwest, I grew up in Michigan (Grand Rapids, Detroit, Ann Arbor) and later worked and lived in California (San Francisco), Indiana (South Bend), and Illinois (Chicago) before settling in Atlanta Georgia.

I have an Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, and during my working career additionally obtained a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the Lawrence Institute of Technology and later an MBA.

In 2004 I fulfilled a special goal driven by my passion for real estate services and became a licensed real estate agent in Georgia. As a full time real estate marketing and sales consultant, I am devoted to those who need help with residential real estate. I am a certified relocation specialist, and experienced in helping people with destination services, marketing assistance, and I love to help people with any real estate need, including new or existing owner occupants, renters, and investors.

I enjoy the challenges and opportunities that technology continues to bring into to the real estate profession and is learning every day to innovate to improve my services to clients.